Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jet... Set... Gooooo.... do i start off??
hmmm..(sheesh .. i have been sitting with this sentence for sthg like 15 minutes now!!! and there no way of inserting an emoticon into this???? looks like there folks jus imagine tht i have put tht cute lil thingy with a '?' blowing up evry now n then...okie??) right now in office..pretty much jobless...have been wanting to start blogging for quite some time now..but then the lazy goose tht i am --almost all my 'things to do' take their own sweet time to materialise..
me been reading quite a few blogs for some weeks now..theres one by a guy called sidin(looks like evryone is familiar with tht..tht guy is seriously funny!!) , one by a guy who gives us a daily account of hellish life in one of the best management institutes of the country( wats with all these management guys??y do they hav to make such a biiig hue n cry abt the work load..they knew wat they were jumping into right??but anyways thts a nice blog n it does give some pretty insights into tht looooovely management students' life ( dreams n dreams n dreams........wud somebody plsssss tell me how to add emoticons???) ...also been wandering thru manymany blogs..kinda nice to read all these things tht run thru all these minds...n then one of my dearest guys jus started his blog too.. so then i thot, y not..lemme join the now here i am!!!!

almost 6.45 now..gotta practise(one of the best reasons for coming to office!! :-))) )