Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rain rain come again...

"Rain rain go away,
Come again another day,
Little johnny wants to play,
Rain rain go away.."

I have always wondered wat kinda stupid boy johnny was!!!!Does he not know tht playing in the rain is sooo much better than fooling around in the heat???but then again mebbe the poor dear kid had standing orders from his parents tht he better get himself back into the house at the first signs of a drizzle(thts wht used to happen to me n my sis..when it started raining v wud start walking back as slowly as v cud n finally reach home drenched..:-) )

the rain has always had a huge fascination for me..its such a pleasure to all the senses..the smell of the earth when the raindrops start going pitter-patter on it,the feel of the cool drops on the skin,the way the entire world looks(with the trees all swaying,ppl running n the endless stream of drops flowing on one n all...)..i jus love all of it.. n frankly i find it the most romantic milieu..somehow the whole thing fills my heart with all sortsa emotions n i feel like ..well i dont really know how to describe wht i feel like..:-)))

its been raining soo hard in blore for some days..its beautiful..some of my most beautiful memories abt my hostel life r also linked with the rain..cant simply forget the way my friends n i use to have rain dances in the hostel courtyard n all those rainy exam nights when v wished liked crazy v cud jus snuggle inside the blankets , the way the acacia forest looked all fresh n beautiful on the morning after a rain,watching the rain patter down while sitting at the window sill at the end of our hostel was all really nice(hostel life was a major blast.. if i ever write a memoir i wudn hav much to say abt college but wud hav loads n loads to say abt was one thing tht made 4 yrs in college so memorable!!!)..oh..looks like i have digressed so much from wat i started blogging abt!!!hmm..thts wht usually happens when i start chattering..(u know wat sometimes my mom used to ask me whether my jaw doesn hurt with all this exercise tht it gets throughout the day!!!:-))) )

okie..thts all for now.. n all u blorians--go enjoy the rain, ppl!!!