Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Of floods n books n music...

okie there..its been quite a looong time..precisely , 2 months since i posted anything..but then this blog has never been quite out of my mind(i am not one with whom "out of sight, out of mind " applies) ..every now n then-- when i am on my bus n the mind is jus wandering,when i am walking along n see sthg tht momentarily holds my attention, a particularly intersting passage in a novel or article, certain strains of melody in an old familiar song---all these remind me tht there is a place where i can just jot down my thoughts , a place where i may be able to follow the tracks of the thought-train...n every now n then i resolve tht i shall put it all in a blog asap..but somehow i kept dilly-dallying n now i have lost nearly 2 months!!!

had blogged abt rains last time..but must say "a lot of water has flown under the bridge"(literally too) after tht one..seems like its been raining incessantly all over the country(save of course blore:-( ..its been cloudy for days but the showers r pretty sporadic..) the pics of mumbai-under-water evoked a mixed emotions..i mean--on one hand i felt sorry for the mumbaites who have fallen prey to one of Nature's cruel jokes( isnt it weird how Nature , with jus a swish of her wand, keeps reminding us of our total impuissance,but we remain unapologetic, our minds clouded by the invincibility of Man!!!) and on the other hand i was taken aback by the "revelations" about the city's antiquated drainage system which clearly showed the absolute apathy of the city's different governing bodies!!!!! n to top it all the fire in the ONGC rig..really a bad time for the much fabled 'city of dreams'..
was jus going thru this week's India Today and one after the other it was filled with articles abt all the things tht had gone wrong here there n everywhere..first there was a huge write-up abt the Mumbai flood, then one on the messy Honda issue,then one on the killing of 2 innocents in our valley n then there had been a mail circulating abt the Iraqis n one on the London blasts..dunno after these spate of articles/mails i was suddenly overcome by a sense of foreboding..i mean --wat is the future gonna be like?for all the hard work tht v put in to have a 'good life' r v ever gonna be rewarded with a chance to enjoy the fruits of our efforts peacefully???hmm...mebbe i am jus worrying too probably will be jus the same another 50 yrs from nwo..mebbe its all these imperfections tht make this life worth living..

but then i have also discovered tht there is sthg tht can simply take ur mind away from all these 'troubles' n bring a smile on ur lips yet again(now a smile is the least it can do..mostly it has me clutching my stomach n rotfl..)--n tht is a "P G Wodehouse" in my case, i was introduced to this guy only a year ago n i should tell tht i have always considered it one of the biggest losses tht i never took the trouble to check him out before!!!the man in a genius in his rights..its absolutely amazing how he can jus totally disregard reality n be such a master of farce...the way he can grip u in all those improbabale situations though u realise fully well tht they r probably gonna have even-more-improbable endings is jus admirable..i so thoroughly get lost in his world tht many a times i have had to face "wat the hell is she grinning abt" looks from my fellow bus passengers!!! shud say fellas--he is one author i would surely surely recommend to jus abt everyone!!!!

n then again there is music..its sthg tht totally sweep u off ur feet..the melodies as they come breezing by can transport u to a diff world, can totally change ur state of mind..there r some which for years have been favorites,those which never fail to touch u no matter how many times u hear them..n then there r songs which u may have listened to n number of times but never really 'listened to'' n on fine day u 'listen ' to it n it somehow attains a different level of wat happened to me when i listened to "awaz do humko" ,"piya bavari" n "dil se mere" ..i mean the lyrics of these songs struck me n i was really amazed why i hadnt noticed before!!!!

hmmm...think i shud stop now.this is wat happens with me--once i start blabbering i cant stop!!!! oh..i almost forgot--- i read a very interesting article on rediff by one rashmi was abt the way the two genders view relationships n abt the wht factors hold more priority for each. (dont get deceived by the title of the article.its in no way sleazy!!! quite a frank article which had quite a few thought provoking much has been said n written abt the difference in the way the two genders think n react to situations..almost sometimes makes it seems like v r really two diff species itself..amazing how He wired out all this seemingl- similar complex circuitry but subtly gave them such different triggers!!!:-)

hmm...i really shud stop it now..gotta go now n attend to the 'serious' things in life!!!!