Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mind Games ( mebbe it shud be called "Mind Your Own games")

this blogging thing sometimes gets really u get soo absorbed tht evry time sthg happens the first thot that runs thru is "hmm..i gotta blog this"..i had been reading quite a few blogs lately so got really bitten by the blog-bug(whaoh...i am sure thts a good tongue-twister..anybody out there who can say "blog-bug" ten times in a row--raise ur hands!!!) :-D

hah--the whole point of wht i have written above is to let u ppl know why i have written wht i have written below!!!(gee !!! i like tht sentence..quite a gem isnt it?? )

Monday was a really depressing day for me..well come to think of it it wasnt a 'depressing day' coz nthg really happened to depress was jus tht i was generally jus very depressed..n the reason was pbbly wat some ppl now term as the "quarter-life crisis"..i mean u kinda wake up one day n start wondering--"where is my life going?" , "wat do i want to do in life" etc etc n then u seem stuck coz u really cant find the answers..n the worse part is u know tht u r the only person who can really answer those as i was saying the day started off like tht n when a day starts off like tht there very few things tht can help it get any better..n so it didnt get any better( thankfully it didnt get any worse either!!!) ..cudn concentrate on work at all n so decided to leave by six itself though i had come in late..n in the bus i tried to cheer myself up by digging into a PGW but even tht didnt cheer me up:-( ( i sadly realised tht somedays even the great 'Plum' cant weave his magic)..n then i sat there lost in thot..n i dunno when exactly my attention got diverted to the mobile in the hand of the guy sitting in front of me..the guy was wroking away on a 'game' on his cell fervently trying to get a ball of some sort thru a maze of walls n caverns filled with monsters(which wud eat up the 'ball') n some such other was a gud ten minutes(atleast!! ) before i realised tht i had been staring at this guys fact i had gotten soo involvd i was leaning fwd in my seat to watch the prress of the game.when i realised tht i was actually being such a 'peeping-tom' i nearly squirmed in embarassment n as a natural reaction slowly turned arnd to see if anyone had been watching-- n wat do i see??..two guys sitting on the seat next to me were looking at me n grinning!!one of those moments when u wish the earth wud jus swallow u up or sthg like tht!(i have had quite a few such moments..mebbe i will blog abt all those one of these days!!!) but since i was neither invisible nor 'swallowed-up' by the bus/seat i had to react..n all i cud manage was a rather weak must have been one of the most sheepish smiles i have ever given anybody.then i promptly started 'dozing-off' n didnt open my eyes till the bus came to my place...

i reached home n after sometime i realised tht i was actually feeling quite cheerful.the whole incident n the whole embarassment had somehow actually livened up my mood quite a bit.. :-)

th mind n the games it plays!!!!!

I cannot take the trouble of giving this a title...

have u guys ever faced a situation in life when u really badly wanted to talk to someone or mebbe really badly wanted someone to talk to u but u cant think of anything to this is not coz there is a dearth of things u want to talk abt..there r umpteen number of things u want to tell...umpteen number of things u want to hear..but somehow the conversation jus doesn get going coz u have fallen out of the habit of sharing all these small-nothings..n thts not coz either of u dont want to share them..its coz of the 'Time' or rather the lack of it..its really a sad thing when this happens to u..u r left not knowing wat-to-do..hmm..

but then come to think of it , mebbe it is not so bad either...frankly i dunno..( list of situations that leave me 'I-dunno-wat-to-do' seem to be increasing at an alarming rate!!!) that i have re-read what i have written I am nearly sure tht anyone who wud take the trouble to finish the para above wud not be able to make head-or-tail of it..


a little after i posted this thing i realised one more thing--situations such as these can solve themselves on their own provided u dont complicate them further by thinking too much abt these!!

the only catch--- i am not the kind who wud simply leave things as they r..i have this miserable disease of thinking too much!!! i know a few ppl who wud heave a sigh of relief if only i wud get out of tht habit!!! :-D